'Archway counselling, a safe space where you can simply be'.


I provide Person-Centred counselling that is in a space convenient to you, adapting to your needs so as you are comfortable and relaxed. Counselling can be daunting to begin with, but be rest assured you will be entering a non-judgemental, safe and empathic space where you can develop self-awareness and self-acceptance of who you are. 



Face-to-Face available in the Grantham area with sessions taking place in a safe, confidential, and quiet space.

Sessions will be 50 minutes in duration.



A UK based service offering a 50 minute, secure and confidential Video counselling session. Links are sent direct to an email address and can be accessed through a smart phone, tablet, or laptop/computer.

Rewind Therapy


A 2 session trauma technique that helps relieve distressing flashbacks or nightmares.

Experience immediate emotional relief from your traumatic symptoms.



  • An initial 30 minute consultation is offered for FREE.
  • Thereafter, each 50 minute session costs £50 
  • Sessions are best weekly, with a regular time slot agreed after your initial consultation but 2 weekly can be arranged to suit your needs 
  • 2 Session Rewind Trauma Therapy £80